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Alchemy at La Maison Templière

A new course dedicated to both working and symbolic knowledge which will be revealed to everyone who attendst the class.  All participants will be protaganists in alchemic processes guided by an eminent expert.

June 16th - 20th, 2016

La Maison Templière​

Together we will prepare the Spagyric Tincture, the Spagyric Oil and the Primum Ens, an ancient formula that came to Europe through the Templar officiers.  Then we will visit the historical sites, related to Alchemy, Templars or Hermetism: Queribus Castle, Galamus hermitage, Rennes le Chateau.

           FRANÇAIS 0039 338 992 67 00 
           ENGLISH-ITALIAN 0039 370 307 13 13​
           EMAIL toschi.mariarita@gmail.com

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Learn from where you are; something that is real in itself and doesn't need to be a revelation or to be called "A Truth"​

Enlightenment as a Way of Life

A Bologna Zenshinji si riprende ogni mercoledì  presso la Libreria Ibis all'inizio di Via Castiglione, venendo dal centro, all'11/B.

Another Life

We are on the threshold of a new world. We are a team of researchers finding new sources of renewable energy  to manage a new way of life.   Meet people like you and begin to gain money from your enthusiasm for another life. Welcome.

"In the common acts is every wonder. You bend down to tie your shoelaces and you know that it is a boundless plunge, even if you do not do anything special.  In fact, the absolute does not ever make anything special, it just is.  In fact, you are just tying your shoes."

-Leonardo Anfolsi

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Bonae Novae

To Your Health

Find ways to optimize your health using natural methods. You are fundamentally sound and you can learn how to react, to find solutions and to heal yourself.

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In moments of Meditation, an essence of life returns and we are reinvigorated. You will look at everything with wonder during Meditation and live the glory of this immensity that is life.