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“Evolution and salvation do exists, at the same time and within their context and meaning, but of course they are not as are believed by common people: and exists previous and future lives, reincarnation... In some ways exists the eternal return of Greek but even the equinox precession with the cycle of zodiacal periods, and the platonic year. But at the apex of all these explanations there is your awakening, what YOU REALLY SEE. So, your enlightenment is the understanding of this in real time while it happens, or in the absolute non-time of this eternal present instant. From this divine face, and in this divine face, from this freed heart you see this. All of this.”

                                             Leonardo Anfolsi

Meditation &


Breathing, training in positions, and attitude.
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Secret Fire

Il Fuoco Segreto

The journey continues beyond The Secret Fire of Meditation... A PRESENTATION ESSENTIAL THE ZEN
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A Taste of "Old Zen"

​This is a page of my Zen Teacher's site, Engaku Taino, that quotes his and mine Teacher Yamada Mumon.  It is written in an old style but is very, very deep and nurturing.  Enjoy a slice of the old Zen.  
Engaku Taino site

"Have a rest: practice Meditation.

Have the real thing: realize Meditation.

Have your life back: be Meditation...

that's to say…

Be the Enlightenment".

Leonardo Anfolsi                  




An Introduction
Nobody is so much like you and in the way that you are, so nobody can suggest to you anything about daily life and the realization of Enlightenment. Somebody, like me, can give you tools or moments to work with all this stuff but, obviously, you are the elected one, because you are the subject and the focus of the thing and you will have from this both responsibility and bliss at every moment.  So we can share good times and feelings but with no purpose at all, but just because we enjoy it fully and completely.  Fully means with all the strength possible, totally creatively and silently present; completely is a matter of quality, something that belongs to your Enlightenment, meaning with it not a "spiritual thing” but that kind of naked sight that makes you the eyes of the world.   So, you do not need somebody to repeat teachings after teachings to you, or that you need to go somewhere to realize enlightenment; there cannot be anything wrong in you or nobody can push all of you away from This.  But, anyway, it is a wonderful thing to share our experiences, and tales, and human hopes, and challenges, and wishes, but the main thing is to share our happiness, our glory, our silent results, our findings and finally, but more, in this very moment, the Ultimate Realization. We can have topical moments, retreats and sesshins, but something not less important, is that you can organize your time having some minutes, hours, or days where you perform you practice or your insight.  My duty is to show you, beyond any doubt, what you can realize and this is not a matter of teaching you.  Having said very little words, and signed by a contract with our heart, it is far more a sharing like a celebration in which we are together like kings and queens, celebrating the never-ending empire of Enlightenment and bliss. Our community is for people who do not like communities.  We are people who enjoy being together, but we realize personally and daily our spiritual call and fulfillment. We do not need to strive for some personal importance; we are already important.  And the need for self-importance is not overcome by ascetic efforts, but by love and enjoyment: being with lovely people is enough, and you can find them, if you want, everywhere, stop striving for fake spiritual pursuits.  Everything is already perfect in life, you need only that you are really here as the flower that is blooming totally in a way that its petals are everything in everywhere. I wrote a book about me as a child.  This biography of the living Buddha belongs to your childhood, as well, in fact, being a child is not my speciality or copyright.  This is my sharing and this is my Dharma.  Your Enlightenment is up to Your Majesty for what concerns being really yourself, and being beyond yourself, and even being what are you doing right now. I am happy to meet you and thank you for your being here, in the momentary space of the HFUW or, if you prefer, HSCD, or WGRT, or whatever letters you prefer. Leonardo Anfolsi


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