Bonae Novae

I met Leo twenty years ago. I saw within his character a special quality, the ability to be strongly connected to all the people he loves and who ask for help. It seems to me that a kind of sweet certainty radiates from him that can activate words and acts in a way that changes people's lives.

He is a Master of Buddhism who has helped people of all religions and philosophical thought, asking them to be open-minded and to be able to understand the differences.

He has cured me, my daughter and her baby, and several friends of the family and I have seen him always keep his promises and actions.

Working in social service, I sometimes asked for his help in many difficult cases which he graciously and competently helped.

When he is asked something, he seems to draw from an interior library and he opens the pages of an invisible book. I believe he has an index of thousands of cases. Rarely does he exclaim, "I missed this!" But if he did, he would humbly recognize to be in the presence of a new case he had never seen before.

I believe that his Asian Masters strongly blessed him, in this time, to help us all. 

Meanwhile, while helping you, he asks you point-blank what you are seeing and what you are understanding and even that is a wonderful experience.  In a sense, he treats you as a future teacher who is starting their own path of freedom.

Marzia Mecocci


I want to acknowledge, in this testimonial, the exceptional ability of Leonardo Anfolsi who was able, on many occasions, to help me, both as a teacher and as a coach, and as a friend.

With all his relationships, he is always very dignified; he is not intrusive, has no pretensions but always works with what he has at hand. Which is us.

He has recognized in me a capacity to help the others and he knows that I was trained for this purpose. The path he showed me was exciting, beautiful, and an unexpected gift from life, although, I must say, I myself have always sought those who could help me better understand my life and the secret teaching that comes from any action that we take and every event that we live.

I saw him do inexplicable things that common-flat canons of materialistic science can’t accept: but some friends who are doctors and scientific researchers really respect him . Now I have the pleasure to count him among my best friends.

Dott. Gennaro Ponzo



My profession is among the most complex. I am a CEO of an Italian medium-size company.  During the years, I have received the advice from Leonardo for many issues both in my work life and my personal life.

Not only is my work difficult but it invades all aspects of my life as I am responsible for about 7,000 families and their welfare.  I consulted Leonardo for administrative decisions as the crisis in our country makes many things difficult and it is always helpful to have an enlightened opinion.

I am always amazed by the fact that I can talk to Leonardo about topics that are far away from his interests and training. But we can always share an understanding of these things.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank him and to tell you as future friends and clients that yes, you can really trust and depend in him to guide you in dealing with your life in a more productive and happy  way.


If we look for help or advice, we would like to find somebody that can really do what he/she claims.  In this case, hundreds of people have had unexpected experiences and in our testimonials (see below), we share some of them. 

Leonardo Anfolsi, a Zen Master from Italy, has been working with many people for many years concerning their health, well-being, success, abilities and strategies. His style and approach is gentle yet powerful as he takes each individual and assesses his/her strengths, areas for improvement, and goals and guides them to reach their full potentiality.  His insights and understanding are truly amazing to experience. He has a sense of life and living that goes beyond mere description.  

Now he offers his expertise and abilities to anyone with a sincere desire to reach their protential.  If you truly want to live more fully and more happily, don't miss this opportunity to work with someone who can truly change your life in a simple yet dynamic way.

Contact Leonardo Anfolsi at or call 530 306 6878 when you are ready to Roar.  


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